1.   Procedures of visa application  before entering  Indonesia

Foreign student who wants to study at Polman can apply from the scheme of new student selection, double degree or student exchange program.

First, the foreign student (through his/her university) must send application letter to the Director of Politeknik Manufaktur Negeri Bandung, with the attachment of :

  1. copy passport;
  2. recent photograph 3×4 one piece;
  3. curriculum vitae;
  4. financial statement;

Then Polman Bandung will process the application document and issue a letter of acceptance for the student. The student can start aplying visa to enter Indonesia at the embassy of Indonesia or Indonesian Consulate in his/her home country.

Republic Indonesia visa is a permit to enter and visit Indonesia. It is issued by  the  official authority at Indonesian Embassy or other places stated by the government of the Republic of Indonesia.

Types of visas:

  1. Diplomatic Visa
  2. Transit Visa
  3. Visit Visa
  4. Short Visit Visa (Vitas)

Foreign studentsusualy use Social-Visit Visa (VKSB) or Short-Visit Visa (Vitas) to study in Indonesia. Polman Bandung does not recommend its foreign students to use visa on arrival or tourist visa.

1.1  Procedures of applying social visit visa type B.

Social and cultural visit visa can be obtained much easier, besides the requirements are also more simple, but  the validity of this visa  is only for 30 days (it  can be extended  as many as 5 times consecutively) or  60 days (extended as many as 4 times consecutively). Each visa extention will valid 30 days. A foreigner who use this visa can  enter and visit  Indonesia for maximum 6 months. It’s recomended for the students to propose at least one week before visa expired date to the local immigration office.

The requirement to obtain social and cultural visit visa:

  1. bring a copy of passport, recent photograph  and the letter of acceptance from Polman Bandung   to Indonesian Embassy;
  2. fill in a VKSB form for 1 or 2 month lenght of visit;
  3. paying  for  visa application;
  4. the validity of the passport is minimum 18 months.

All document should be sent to:

International Relation Office
Politeknik Manufaktur Negeri Bandung
Jalan Kanayakan no.21 Dago
Bandung 40135 – Indonesia
Phone/fax: +62-22-2500241, +62-22-2502649

2.   Procedures of Applying Stay Permit and Report for foreign students after entering Indonesia

There are some points that must be done by foreign students as soon as he/she arrive in Indonesia. Those are: Immigration process and self report to the local police station, change his/her visa to be stay permit, both stay permit social visit for VKSB holder, or short stay permit (ITAS) for Vitas holder.

After arriving in Bandung, the student must come to the International Office of Polman Bandung and bring:

  1. Original passport and departure card from the air port.
  2. Letter of Acceptance from Polman Bandung
  3. Filling in application form.

The student will get detail information about the procedures of stay permit and self report to the local police in Indonesia. Then the International Office will help him/her in preparing some requirement document.

2.1 Procedure of Self Reporting Letter from the Sector Police.

In 24 hours after the arrival in indonesia, foreign student must be reported to the nearby police station, Foreigner Monitoring Division by the owner of the house  where he/she will stay, to get the self Reporting letter. Documents required are;

  1. Copy passport
  2. Copy of Identified Card of the owner of the house;

If the owner of the house does not report to the nearby police station about the foreigner who live in their house, he/she must pay a fine of IDR 2.000.000,-