Human Resource Development Cooperation Programs in the Framework of

China’s Foreign Aid

—Manuals for Participants

Welcome to participate in this Human Resource Development Cooperation Program in the Framework of China’s Foreign Aid sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce, People’s Republic of China.

Since the Ministry of Commerce, P.R.C. sponsored seminars/training courses for officials, senior managerial personnel and specialized technicians in developing countries, the programs have got much recognition and great support from both Chinese and foreign governments, which has made them bridges of friendship and cooperation between China and other developing countries.

Through communications and discussions, the seminars/training courses aim at teaching managerial experience and practical techniques, promoting the traditional friendship and cooperation in fields like economy and trade between China and other     developing    countries         and         meanwhile     accelerating     human            resource development     and           economic          social  progress  in    those        countries.       The seminars/training courses cover a wide range of activities including lectures, discussions, field trips, and practice. Organizations appointed by China’s Ministry of Commerce will invite governmental officials and scholars to introduce to you the courses, policies and measures involved in China’s social and economic development, and other information relative to the themes of seminars/training courses. The organizers will also take you to some related provinces, institutions and enterprises to help you get a real image of developing China. You also have chances to sit with local officials and entrepreneurs and provide them with information about the economic situation, investment circumstances, trade policies and cooperation intents of your countries and thus find more opportunities and wider approaches for bilateral economic and specialized cooperation. Practice sessions are also included in the training courses.


Qualification of Participants

(1) For seminars, officials at Director-General (under 55 years old) or Director (under 50 years old) level from the related departments, senior managers from state-owned enterprises or senior researchers from academic institutes. For training courses, technicians or management staff under 50 years old with over 2 years working experience in the field related to the subject of the course.

(2) Proficiency in English listening, speaking, reading and writing.

(3) In good health, without any infectious disease,serious high blood pressure, cardiopathy and deformity.

For success of the seminars/training courses, we announce the following items:


I. Expenses Arrangements

1. Expenses assumed by the Chinese government:

–round international trips and transfers (if there are any)

–accommodation and traffic costs uniformly arranged by the Chinese side during your stay in China

–accident insurance during your stay in China

–treatment of acute diseases (chronic diseases excluded) during your stay in


–during the seminars/training courses: for officials of vice-ministerial level or higher, 100 RMB a day as daily expenditure, or 2,000 RMB for each person once for all; for officials of director level or lower and specialized technicians, 80 RMB a day as daily expenditure.

2. Expenses assumed by participants:

–visa fees (including visa to a third country)

–overweight charge during both international and domestic flights (Attention: the allowed luggage weight differs from one airline to another and overweight charge can be very high.)

–post services, phone calls and Internet services during your stay in China

–individual expenditures beyond the uniform arrangement (such as food & beverage, traffic, entertainment, glasses, tooth inlay, hairdressing, beauty treatment and laundry)

–costs resulting from prolonged stay in China for personal reasons after the seminars/training courses end.


II. Plane Tickets and Receptions at airports

The Chinese Embassy in your country (the Economic and Commercial Counselor’s Office) will buy round trip plane tickets for you and help you get visas to China. The organizers will receive  you at the airport, so please inform the Chinese embassy or the organizers in time if your flight is delayed or changed in order to make corresponding changes in reception. In case of any domestic transfer in China, the Chinese side will bear the transferring fees. The agencies appointed by the Chinese side will help you with transfer and rest on request.

If there is any trouble when entering or leaving China, please show the invitation  letter  for  the  seminars/training  courses  or  contact  the  organizers according to the information on the invitation letter.


III. Notices for the Seminars/training courses’ Activities

1. Please preview the materials, prepare questions and attend lectures on time.

2. Please wear formal dress (including ethical clothes) when attending important activities as opening and closing ceremonies and meetings with government leaders.

3. Tourism and shopping visits will be arranged at weekends. If you really need to go out for personal reasons, please notify the organizers beforehand and plan the traffic by yourself. You are suggested not to leave the seminars/training courses’ locations at random to avoid any unexpected consequences.

4. Please leave your evaluations and suggestions in questionnaires when the seminars/training courses end and hand them to the organizers.

5. Please take good care of yourself and your valuables when visiting and shopping. You are suggested not to buy expensive items at tourist sites, where changes for quality reasons could be very difficult.


IV. Responsibilities of the On-duty-in-turn Monitors

For success of the seminars/training courses’ activities, the organizers will appoint on-duty-in-turn monitors according to the alphabetical order of names of the represented countries (bilateral seminars/training courses will select/appoint one   or   two   participants   as   monitor   or   vice-monitor).   Responsibilities   of on-duty-in-turn monitors are as follows:

1. Deliver speeches or express thanks on behalf of all the participants during lectures, discussions, visits, meetings and banquets.

2. Assist Chinese organizers in getting participants in lectures and other activities on time.

3. Acquaint organizers with participants’ opinions and suggestions and assist them in handling emergencies.


V. Other issues

1. Law and Safety

You are protected by Chinese laws during your stay in China and you are correspondingly supposed to abide by Chinese laws and customs.

Please well keep your passports, return plane tickets (which could be kept by the organizers if you agree) and other valuables.

In case of dangers or emergencies in China, please contact the organizers immediately or dial the emergency/first aid phone numbers directly:

Police: 110

Fire alarm: 119

Traffic accident: 122

First aid center: 120/999

2. Medical Treatment

If you feel ill, please notify the organizers, who will help you see a doctor at the hotel clinic or the hospital nearby. If a surgery operation is required, we would first consult your opinion and get written agreement from your embassy in China.

3. Traffic

The public traffic systems in Beijing and other hosting cities are convenient,

and besides, it is very easy to find a taxi. When taking a taxi, remember to ask for a receipt, which is necessary to get back any lost articles.

4. Shopping

When you go shopping, remember asking for receipts, for fear that you would need changes. Meanwhile, please notice possible luggage overweight for the return


5. For more information about China’s economy and trade, please visit the website of Ministry of Commerce:


VI. Preparations before coming to China

1. Please get ready the passport, the visa to China and the transfer visa to a third country (if necessary) in time.

2. Please carry with you the invitation letter sent from the Economic and Commercial Counselor’s Office of the Embassy of China in your country, your personal information form, business cards, and 10 passport photos, etc.

3. For the convenience of the discussions and communications with Chinese officials/experts/scholars, please prepare materials of your country relevant to the seminars/training courses’ theme (such as the current situation of related industries, investment and commerce policies, and cooperation intents).

4. For your needs of study and living in China, please prepare enough proper clothes and currencies.

5. If possible, please bring with you a medical examination report and case history from the local hospital. If you are suffering from serious discomforts (such as high fever, grave high blood pressure, heart, brain or blood vessel disease, and infectious diseases) and not fit for the long-distance trips and visits in China, we suggest you not attend this seminar/training course and wait for another chance.

Many thanks for your cooperation. We hope you enjoy the seminar/training course and have a happy time in China.

Ministry of Commerce, People’s Republic of China Date: March 12, 2016